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Our Book | Anti-Condensation Specialist

Our Book


You must be wondering what a sick building means?  This is s a serious problem with buildings these days so read on! This real problem exits in Singapore and the world over that needs not only public awareness you also need to know who to consult and how to curb the problem. Mold and Fungus growth indoors is a symptom of a sick building. The World Health Organization reported as far back as in 1984 that up to 30% of new and remodeled buildings had occupants that complained due to poor air quality. This may be because buildings were designed without consideration for indoor air quality, or the building is being operated differently from how it was designed, resulting in poor air conditions.


Authors of the Book

This book is brought out by Anti Condensation Specialists Mr CS Chan and Mr YS Fan and assisted by Ms Suchitthra Shreiyaa Vasu Lawyer/ Writer /Author, and Mr Anil Changaroth Advocate and Solicitor of Singapore, to bring public awareness to the problem at hand and also to provides solutions on how to curb and abate the recurrence of such problems, such as damp walls and growth of mildew, within a building or a house.


Purpose of the Book

This book is written to shine the light out of the black dark tunnel of “The Sick Building Syndrome” and to show readers that it is not all doom and gloom and that there is a way out of the problem discuss methods to combat condensation within properties and curb health hazards.


Why does a sick building syndrome occur?

Causes of sick building syndrome (and poor indoor air quality) include poor ventilation, chemical contaminants, and biological contaminants. Sometimes, the effects of these problems are short-term, but a building can also suffer from long-term problems due to these issues.


Effect of sick building syndrome

This book has now been published and will enter the international market for your reading. It will make a difference to you, your home and your office because a building is a sanctuary where you nestle to rest or an office where you need the comfort and peace of mind to work. Therefore a building cannot afford to be sick and yet with current atmospheric conditions it is not a rare occurrence that a building becomes sick. This book is about how you cure a sick building and it is a gift by the authors on methods to cure a sick building. The intent of the authors is create public awareness on this subject matter and provide useful insights to the international community on how to safeguard your home and your office or any building in which you occupy be it a hospital a hotel or an airport etc.


Causes of Sick Building Syndrome

With the change in current ozone levels in the atmosphere globally, a new problem has exacerbated and confronted the construction and engineering industry dubbed by World Health Organization as “The Sick Building Syndrome”. The problem is not with the building per se but with atmospheric conditions leading to build up of high level of moisture within a new building or a house or apartment leading to condensation which results in weeping walls, dampness and mould growth. This is so even if the structural integrity of the building is sound and made incompliance with all building specifications by the various building authorities the world over.