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FAQ | Anti-Condensation Diffuser & Grille


Q: What causes condensation?

A: Condensation is caused by HUMIDITY in the fresh air.

    Differences in 2 opposing temperatures. (Hot & Cold comes in contact)

Q: How do we solve condensation?

A: Raise the DEW Point.

Q: How does the coating control condensation?

A: Anti-condensation Coating that does Adsorption & Desorption

Q: What type of grilles and diffusers can we coat?

A: Any type of air-condition Diffusers or Grilles.

Q: How long have we been in the market?

A: We have been in the Singapore & Malaysia market since 1997.

Q: Does our coating have any test report, certificate, and government approval?

A: Our coating has tested and certify by our local test facilities – Please write in for further clarification.

Q: Where have you supplied your pre-treated grille to?

A: Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants, Private Homes, Condominiums and Shopping Centres.

Q: How long does this coating last?

A: We have supplied  to some hotel and critical area. Our product can last for more than 5 years and up to today and there is no complain.    

Q: Can we do the coating ourselves?

A: In order the coating to be effective, the best advise is to paint by our professional trained applicator. 

Q: Can we match the colours?

A: Any color code range from ICI or Nippon.Please provide us the color code or color sample.

Q: What type of finishing?

A: Our finishing surface shall be MATT FINISH.

Q: What is our 18-hour treatment?

A: Our 18 hours Pre-Treated diffusers/Grilles is meant for air-condition operating hours NOT more than 18 hours.  For example bedrooms which the air-cond. Operate only at bed time.

Q: What is our 24-hour treatment?

A: Our 24 hours Pre-Treated diffusers/Grilles is meant for air-condition operating 24 hours 24/7 at any location such as Hotels Main Lobbies, Lift Lobbies, Restaurants, Hospitals Lobbies, Private Residential, Food Courts and etc.

Q: At what room temperature settings can our coating prevent condensation?

A: Our 24 hours Pre-Treated diffusers/grilles can curb condensation at room temperature setting 18 Deg. C for 24/7.   This solution has been tested by our customers.

Q: Does our coating affect the air flow / CMH of the grille?

A: Our coating will NOT change the air flow or the CMH of the diffusers/Grilles.

Q: Does our coating odour?

A: Our product is water based, therefore, it is odourless.

Q: How to maintain the grille?

A: Cleaning Of Anti-Condensation Diffusers
Our product is designed for maintenance free but in the long run there bound to have dirt and dust at the surface of the diffusers. When cleaning, do not scrub too vigorously otherwise you may damage the treated diffusers.Please note that DO NOT USE any soaps, chemicals, detergents, water jets or high pressure steam doing so you will damage the treated diffusers.

Q: How to clean the grille?

A: Just use plain cloth with water. Damp the cloth and clean the surface of the said Pre-Treated anti-condensation diffusers/grilles.

Q: Can we use detergent / chemical wash to clean the grille?

A: Please DO NOT use any detergent/chemical to clean. It will cause flaking on our coating.

Q: Can we use on hot surface/external usage (eg. sauna room)?

A: Sorry, our product is designed for internal usage.

Q: Will my information be kept private?

A: We use your information only to process orders and will not release your personal information to any third party unless you have granted us explicit permission to do so.

Q: Is seculate.com.sg secure?

A: Yes. We take every precaution to protect your privacy and to prevent misuse of the private information you provide us. Please note that while we make reasonable efforts to safeguard your personal information once we receive it, no transmission of data over the Internet or any other public network can be guaranteed to be 100% secure.